Crea Furniture and Design Company creates innovative and organic products for the home, the office, and the high rise.

CREA F&D is a İstanbul based modern furniture and interior design company, designing and handcrafting precious wood pieces to age gracefully through generations of use. Founded by İnterior designer Öncel Kandemir, His style is gradually matured and developed as an co-designer several of İstanbul most well regarded designer and artisans.

‘’My fascination with woodworking developed over a several years by travelled throughout anatolia and europe. CREA F&D founded only in 2014, put in to practice in 2016. My atelier is setting new norms for the items we surround ourselves with in our live, work and home environments. In my design authenticity and functionality is key, My products are finished with a unique hand sanded and organic oil rubbed finish which is VOC free, non toxic and completely child and pet friendly.’’